Release 20th-21st December 2018

This SciNote Premium release includes all updates from the following core versions:

  • 1.14.4 [September 2018 release]
  • 1.15.1 [November 2018 release]

With this release, Premium users can now download all data, including all files, by using the Export all function that exports the data as a .zip file. The button for exporting the data is located on the projects’ dashboard on the right. To learn more about exporting the data, read this article.

Additionally, we made further improvements on:

ADD-ON: AUDIT TRAILS 1.2.3 [SciNote Premium]

  • Minor bug fixes
  • Minor changes of icons



  • Minor bug fixes
  • Minor changes of icons
  • Minor performance improvements



  • Minor bug fixes
  • Minor changes of icons
  • Minor performance improvements

Release 29th November 2018

CORE 1.15.1 [SciNote Free]


  • We have developed an API which includes read of project (users, activities, comments), experiment/task (connections, protocol, users, activities, tags, assigned inventory items), inventory (items, columns), reports and results
  • We have improved projects’ dashboard by creating three separated projects’ tabs (Active, Archived and All), two viewing options (list and card view) and improving the overall look of a project card.
  • We have implemented tooltips that guide users through the main SciNote functionalities. You can activate them going to Settings -> Account -> Preferences -> Help tips
  • We have implemented settings for Date format that affects all date display throughout application. You can change it going to Settings -> Account -> Preferences -> Date format
  • We have made improvement to step and text result description. Now it is limited to 50,000 characters.
  • We have improved the performance of a Protocol steps page
  • We have updated the styling of a Sign-up page

Bug fixes:

  • We have fixed an issue with importing files into SciNote
  • You can now easily save a protocol step having longer table name

ADD-ON: AI MANUSCRIPT 1.2.3 [SciNote free]


  • We have improved how AI Manuscript add-on recognizes selected open reference articles that are related to the experiment subject
  • There is a new version generated for an Introduction part
  • The pronouns are being replaced with an actual person or object
  • We have made a lot of improvements to enhance the performance of AI Manuscript add-on

Release 13th September 2018

CORE 1.14.4 [SciNote Free]


  • We have optimized the process of creating a report in SciNote, having now less clicks
  • Search function in smart annotations has been improved

Bug fixes:

  • We have fixed an issue with editing and saving protocol steps
  • If you have a lot of expanded projects, experiments or tasks, your navigation is now focused on the selected element
  • All actions under the Actions button on the Experiment overview are now responsive
  • The values of SciNote table cells are now displayed correctly at all times
  • Activities page loads properly even if you are not assigned to any projects
  • Team button in the navigation bar directs you to all Teams now
  • We have made some minor improvements and bug fixes on SciNote Free

ADD-ON: COMMON 1.2.3 [SciNote Free]


  • We made some minor improvements to enhance the performance of SciNote

Release 11th and 12th July 2018

CORE 1.14.3 [SciNote Free] [SciNote Premium]

We have made some minor UI improvements and bug fixes on SciNote Free.

SciNote Premium, from now on, includes all improvements and fixes from previous core versions.

We have also enabled our Premium users to upload larger files, up to 300 MB of file size per upload.

For a more detailed description of all improvements made, please read the release notes from the 2nd June below.

Regarding the add-ons:

ADD-ON: AI MANUSCRIPT 1.2.1 [SciNote Free] [SciNote Premium]

Manuscript Writer by SciNote is now enabled by default for all our free SciNote users. The number of drafts is limited to 5.

SciNote Premium users are now able to create unlimited number of Manuscript Writer drafts. To learn more about Manuscript Writer, follow this link.

ADD-ON: AUDIT TRAIL 1.2.2 [SciNote Premium]

We made some minor improvements to audit trail.


We made some minor improvements to the user management.


We made some minor improvements to electronic signatures.

ADD-ON: COMMON 1.2.2 [SciNote Free] [SciNote Premium]

The Zendesk widget was added in the right lower corner, which helps you to find answers to your questions about SciNote.

Release 2nd June 2018

CORE 1.14.0 [sciNote free]


Since the last release we made a lot of improvements in SciNote, starting with implementing the new graphic design and fixing some bugs.

New SciNote graphic design

SciNote got a fresh new look, and with it we also changed the logo and the color palette. All the pages, modals, icons and buttons inside SciNote are now updated and the overall layout has a better consistency resulting in more friendly and intuitive interface.

Breadcrumbs were removed and a new left-side navigation bar was added, which can be toggled from visible to hidden. Besides the navigation bar, we moved the menu bar to the left side of the screen, where you can now see the Projects, Inventories, Protocols and Reports.

At the bottom of the menu bar you have a quick access to Activities, Support (Help center) and Settings. We also created a new tutorial that guides you through SciNote and can be repeated by clicking Repeat tutorial under Support page.

In the top bar you can see the restyled Team Switch and an Upgrade button for more advanced users who wish to upgrade to SciNote Premium.


Custom repositories and Samples repository were merged into a new, centralized Inventories structure. Under the Inventories page you can manage all your resources, from samples, reagents, lab equipment, plasmids, etc.

We also introduced unique identifiers for Inventory items that are generated in the new default ID column.

Uploading a file in the Inventories table is now possible. We also included dropdown options for custom columns. There can be a maximum of 500 values created and displayed for an individual column. You can also easily search through the list of values with a help of a search functionality.

Assigning items from Inventories has been updated, you can now assign an item to one individual task or to all the tasks that are connected into a workflow.

Smart annotations now include Inventories as well. They show the first five hit results, but you can narrow down the search by typing in more letters.

Free SciNote users can have up to 6 different Inventories, while Premium users can have up to 15.

Files and images

You are now able to copy and paste images directly from clipboard in the protocol steps under the Files tab (see the image below) and when uploading a file result under the RESULTS section within a task. Keyboard shortcuts for this are CTRL + C for copying and CTRL + V for pasting.

Furthermore, there is a preview available for all file types, which include the file name, image preview, Download and Close buttons and the step or result name at the bottom center part of the screen.


When a task is completed, the people on the next task in the workflow get notified that it was finished. A notification is sent to the user by email and shown in the Notifications icon on the project card and in the right upper corner of the main dashboard in the top bar.


You are now able to save the PDF report to any Inventory item as well.

To save the PDF report to the Inventory item, you need to select the Inventory first, followed by selecting a column and finally an Inventory item. Consider that you are advised to create a custom column (e.g. Reports) prior to saving a PDF report to the Inventory table.

Team management add-on

We made some improvements and simplifications to the user roles and permissions since we switched from per-team to per-user business model. For this reason, we updated Team management add-on by implementing a locking functionality that enables Organization Administrators to limit the number of users by locking their accounts.

Release 12th April 2018

CORE 1.13.1 [sciNote free]


  • Fix bug where upload of sample/repository file is not performed due to an error

Release 6th April 2018

CORE 1.13.0 [sciNote free]


  • We made some improvements and simplifications to the user roles and permissions. You can take a closer look at all the user roles (at the team and project level) by reading this file.
  • Users can now sign into sciNote account with their LinkedIn account.
  • You are now able to copy and paste images directly from clipboard in the protocol steps files’ section and when uploading a file result (see the picture below). Keyboard shortcuts for this are CTRL + C for copying and CTRL + V for pasting.

Bug fixes:

  • We have fixed some minor bugs.

Release 1st March 2018


This release brings the following improvements to sciNote Manuscript Writer Add-on:

  • The speed of draft generation, so you can expect the draft to appear in your inbox even faster
  • The quality of text in the generated drafts by updating our algorithm for text creation
  • Manuscript writer also handles measurements units much better now
  • Brackets are now properly inserted into drafts
  • Files attached to steps are now displayed as hyperlinks instead of breadcrumbs
  • Smart annotations tags are removed from the generated drafts
  • Software code from code view has been added to the generated drafts
  • Pictures from protocol steps are now included into materials and methods section

If you want to report a bug or suggest an improvement? We’d be happy to hear it! Send us an e-mail at

Haven’t tried Manuscript Writer yet? Try it for free.

CORE 1.12.11 [sciNote free]

Some minor improvements were made on sciNote core.

Release 1st February 2018

CORE 1.12.10 [sciNote free]


  • We refactored imports from (.json) so that it runs even faster and smoother.

Bug fixes:

  • We have fixed an issue where exported protocols could not be imported into Protocol management.
  • When importing .xlsx spreadsheet into Custom repositories or Samples table, the content was not entirely imported. The import of .xlsx spreadsheets, also the ones containing decimal numbers, runs now without a hassle.
  • Pending users remained in the team, even if their invitation expired. Now, invited users with pending status are removed from the team after expiration period of 7 days.
  • You can now upload .pptx files without a problem.

Release 6th February 2018

This sciNote Premium release includes all updates from the following core versions:

1.12.7 [November 2017 release]
1.12.8 [ January 2018 release]
1.12.9 [ January 2018 release]
1.12.10 [February 2018 release]


ADD-ON: AUDIT TRAIL 1.1.2 [sciNote premium]

Bug fixes:

  • A minor bug was fixed regarding locking and un-locking tasks.



  • We made some minor improvements to the user management.

Release 4th January 2018

CORE 1.12.8 [sciNote free]


  • We added an explanation of what happens when you copy a custom repository. The message says that only the structure of the repository is going to be copied (without data).
  • The embedded images in a protocol step are preserved when you save a protocol to the repository and use it in another task, or when you revert the changes in a protocol step. The same applies to exporting/importing protocols.

Bug fixes:

  • We improved user permissions related to handling embedded images.
  • You can now assign/unassign only one item in the repository.

Release 10th January 2018

CORE 1.12.9 [sciNote free]


  • We improved the responsiveness of the page on which you load your protocol from

Bug fixes:

  • There was an issue with some of the imported protocols’ descriptions, they were imported as empty. Now the issue is fixed and the entire protocol content is uploaded.
  • When assigning items from custom repositories on a task, the buttons Assign and Unassign disappeared if you switched to another task on the navigation bar. The buttons are now seen and present at all time.