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Paper and Electronic Lab Notebooks Can Work Together

10 min read
Living in the technological era of the 21st century, we could be forgiven for assuming that we live in a primarily digital world. Assignments are written and handed in electronically, personal records are stored digitally, emails and text messages have replaced the handwritten letter.

8 Habits of Happy Researchers

2 min read
Do you ever feel like your work should be better organized? Are you frustrated when you spend time searching for “lost” samples or results? How many of these happy – researchers’- habits have you already developed?

Project folders

3 min read
With this SciNote electronic lab notebook update we are happy to introduce folders for your Projects in SciNote!

SciNote Data Protection White Paper

1 min read
For most labs, understanding how their data is being handled is just as important as the set of features a certain software offers and there are various reasons for it – from making sure the data is in good hands to checking various compliance checkboxes.