Designing Labels SciNote cover 1115x465

4 min read
There are a few ways of designing ZPL label templates. Learn how to design them with the free software ZebraDesigner Essentials 3.

Printing Lables cover

4 min read
SciNote supports label printing with Zebra label printers through the free Zebra Print Browser application. Learn how to connect your printer here.

Printing Labels cover 1115x465

4 min read
With SciNote, you can print labels for your samples, and reagents to label tubes, plates, racks, or other containers that hold them.

QR print release blog big

3 min read
All inventory items now have a barcode and the option to print the inventory item labels with the barcode via FLUICS label printer.

Fluics Print integration

3 min read
SciNote is now integrated with FLUICS Print, truely a plug & play label printing solution.

office scinote blog

5 min read

The first thing that crosses most researchers’ minds when they need to write a scientific paper, analyze results or create a presentation about their work would be opening one of the Microsoft Office programs.

[Video] Optimize Your Research Methods with and SciNote blog

2 min read
Available for every scientist today, this open access repository of research protocols is both free to read, and free to publish.

Reproducible Experiments with SciNote and Gilson Integration blog

2 min read
Gilson is proud to collaborate with SciNote, a top-rated electronic lab notebook (ELN), for researchers in academia or industry.

[Video] SciNote Integration With ChemAxon’s Chemical Drawing Tool blog

3 min read
We are happy to announce that this release brings SciNote integration with a premium version of the chemical drawing tool by ChemAxon.