Stock management coming soon announcement

Manage your lab stock in SciNote

2min read

You’ll soon have the opportunity to add a highly anticipated feature: Stock management is finally coming to SciNote!

This feature will simplify the overview of your laboratory inventory stock and offer an easy way to keep track of the exact amount of reagents you consume on a specific lab experiment (a task in SciNote).

Here is a sneak peek of what your SciNote could look like in a few weeks.

Stock management in Inventory

In SciNote inventories, you’ll be able to add a new column specially designed for managing stock. When the column is added to the inventory, you’ll be able to enter your item’s stock along with the unit, all in one click.

Once your stock is being tracked, a low stock reminder will help you stay on top of your supply. Nobody wants to start the working day, only to find out that something’s run out without notice, right? To make sure the reagents are fresh, you can also set an expiration date reminder.

Low stock reminder stock management

Track consumption on a task

Managing stock is not very useful if you can’t easily track its consumption. That’s why you’ll be able to track the usage of reagents as assigned items on tasks. All you need to do is enable the stock column in your inventory. Every consumption of an assigned item recorded on a task will automatically be deducted from the item stock in your inventory.

We can’t wait to release stock management to your SciNote Premium accounts on the 11th of May 2022. A free trial period will be available for a month, so don’t hesitate to try it out. Talk to our team and secure your promotional pricing on stock management!