QR print release blog big

3 min read
All inventory items now have a barcode and the option to print the inventory item labels with the barcode via FLUICS label printer.

Fluics Print integration

3 min read
SciNote is now integrated with FLUICS Print, truely a plug & play label printing solution.

Upgraded Scinote reports

3 min read
Scinote Reports gained seceral improvements to make reporting even easier and enjoyable!

Document preview research data management guide

 width= 3 min read
In this article, we’ll have a look at how NIH and EC policies relate to data management practices for researchers and scientists and how electronic laboratory notebooks can help.

Improved e-signing in SciNote blog

4 min read
Listening to your requests, we greatly improved e-signing in SciNote for you! Check out this video on how you can request signatures from your colleagues and get them notified that the task is waiting for their review.

Transition from another ELN to SciNote blog

5 min read
Transitioning from one ELN to another includes strategic decisions on project management during the switch, data access as well as data migration.

Identify re-usable modules in your workflows (and use them as templates) blog

2 min read
When working with simple to-do lists or simple protocols, documenting and executing them is straightforward: all to-dos or protocol steps are listed in a single checklist or in one protocol.

How to structure a protocol blog

5 min read
Protocols can be much more general, including cooking recipes, operational procedures, user manuals for lab or office equipment, safety or any other checklists, guidelines.