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Teach your students how to keep track of their research data.

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For whom is SciNote Classroom plan?

Professors who teach university classes, college classes and high school classes, and work with students on a low budget.

Why SciNote?

With SciNote you can benefit from a full electronic lab notebook set of functionalities, for free!

Ease of use

A person usually needs lass than a week to become a proficient SciNote user. SciNote Free Self-Paced Courses with certificates will help you get all the knowledge you need, in only a few hours!

SciNote Academy

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With this plan you will get:

  • SciNote access for up to 50 students.
  • 10 GB of storage space
  • 5 different teams
  • Inventory management for 5 custom repositories (samples, instruments, reagents, etc.)
  • Access to online courses, tutorials and email support
  • Explore before committing: you are free to explore the software for 6 months before committing to use it further on.

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