Electronic lab notebook for professors and students

Teach your students how to keep track of their research data.

Apply for SciNote Classroom Plan

For whom is SciNote Classroom plan?

Professors who teach university classes, college classes and high school classes, and work with students on a low budget.

Why SciNote?

With SciNote you can benefit from a full electronic lab notebook set of functionalities, for free!

Ease of use

A person usually needs lass than a week to become a proficient SciNote user. SciNote Free Self-Paced Courses with certificates will help you get all the knowledge you need, in only a few hours!

SciNote Academy

How can SciNote support you and your students?

SciNote Classroom plan is for teaching purposes only. 

If you are eligible for a free Classroom Plan, you can get:

  • 100 users (professor and up to 99 students)
  • 1 team
  • 10 GB of storage space
  • Inventory management: 5 custom repositories i.e. libraries (samples, instruments, reagents etc.)
  • Protocol repository (library of protocols)
  • Access to online courses, tutorials and email support

Send your application (on the right) to the SciNote team. We will review it and contact you within a few business days.  

SciNote for Classrooms

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