Join us in planting the digital forest

What is this all about?

Research is a passion. The desire to know more grows stronger with each answer we get. As scientists, we never stop asking ourselves: “What is the true purpose and impact of my research? Can my work become the agent of change for the better future?”

SciNote team strongly believes that with the growing amount of scientific data, we need to find an alternative to the traditional paper lab notebook. Did you know that 35% of trees that are cut will be used in the paper industry? The more we use digital tools, the less paper we need. Read the full story about the Digital Forest in SciNote on our blog.

Therefore, SciNote has accepted the challenge and has set up on a meaningful path towards paperless laboratories of the future. By using SciNote you will have a chance to use less or zero paper, save the trees and plant a digital forest with us. Do you want to know how?

Each A4 page you save in SciNote helps our digital forest grow bigger



For each A4 page you save in SciNote you will be awarded with one Leaf.



When you gather 100 Leaves you save 1 Tree Branch.



After saving 100 branches you save a Tree.

Invite other scientists to join

You will be awarded with 1 GB of additional storage space and 10 Leaves for each user you invite. You can earn up to 10 GB of additional storage space.

To invite new users to SciNote you need to follow three simple steps:

  1. Log into SciNote
  2. Click on your avatar in the upper right corner
  3. Select “Invite to SciNote” from the drop-down menu