Implementing an ELN – How To Get Your Team On Board?

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The process of implementing an ELN is all about the motivation and awareness of the entire lab team.

To fully benefit from the software, everyone needs to understand the importance of good data management, and everyone needs to be on board. Labs are different, and therefore, every team approaches this in their own way.

It all starts with getting your lab ready for onboarding.

How do we do it at SciNote?

Our implementation specialists have different scientific backgrounds. They are your fellow scientists, whose knowledge and experience allows them to understand your lab’s needs.

We offer a range of top-rated services: from SciNote courses, to email support – and the cherry on top for labs who choose Premium Plans – a fully personalized onboarding.

So lets dig deeper into what the personalized onboarding actually is?

Defining the best approach for your lab

While our development team takes care of the technical setup, your designated Customer Success Manager will organize an online meeting with your lab’s decision makers, to make sure we define the best and easiest way to use this software in your lab.

Choosing your team’s ELN specialist

We will also advise your team to choose one person from your lab who will be your internal SciNote specialist, the go-to person for the rest of the team about any SciNote ELN related questions. After that, the onboarding for the entire lab team starts.

Learn on your own use case

We will go through the functionalities of the software and explain everything on your own use case. It will be easy to understand.

The team will learn all details about the data structure, team management and collaboration within SciNote; creating and managing projects, experiments, tasks, protocols and inventories; generating reports, monitoring the lab’s activities and much more.

We will conclude the onboarding process with dedicated Q&A sessions.

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“With the help of the SciNote implementation specialists, we set up our own trial team, trained them and put the software to the test. The SciNote team was always on hand to guide us and help us find common ground between departments.” Read the full review here

Ingenza Ltd, Roslin Innovation Centre, UK
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“We were impressed with the security and features of the SciNote system. Everyone we spoke to at SciNote was able to clearly answer our questions and understand our concerns.” Read the full review here

Stephanie Wallace, Scientific Officer, MicroMatrices Ltd, UK
Babson diagnostics team

“When our internal quality management system required us to take extra steps to validate the tool, the support team was happy to assist, despite this request being outside the typical scope of SciNote’s services.” Read the full review here

Babson Diagnostics, Inc.
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“When we paid for the premium version of SciNote I went over the platform with the implementation specialist who guided me through the basic layout. I could use it the next day.” Read the full review here

Shen Lin, Research Scientist, Talee Bio Inc, USA
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“Very fast and responsive to questions. Very helpful and professional team.” Read the full review here

Dominik Domanski, Ph.D., Mass Spectrometry Laboratory, Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics, Polish Academy of Sciences
SciNote Avatar

“My experience with the SciNote team has been very good. Their responsiveness and ability to solve any issues in a timely manner is something that is very import to us.” Read the full review here

Samuel Munroe, IT Manager, Elstar Therapeutics Inc., USA
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How long does it usually take to become familiar with SciNote?

In 90% of the cases, labs become confident in using the software within the 1-month onboarding period.

On average, a person needs 1 week to become a proficient SciNote user and set up their system in SciNote. This would normally spread in the course of 3 months. 

If the uptake of the software will be slow, or there will be difficulties within your team, SciNote implementation specialists will be here to help. 

We will make sure the adoption of the software runs smoothly. Get in touch with us and start your journey to digitalization. 

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