Project Description

Celia Ross, Office Manager
Christopher DiPasquale, Lead Scientist
Heath Marr, Laboratory Manager
Melissa Abigania, Laboratory Technician

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About your organization

Babson Diagnostics is a medical technology company with a new vision for diagnostic blood testing. Our proprietary technology is designed to produce accurate diagnostic results from small capillary samples collected at convenient retail locations and analyzed at our CLIA-certified clinical laboratory. We aim to improve the customer experience of blood testing while preserving diagnostic accuracy, making preventive care more convenient, accessible, and human. Please visit to explore our technological innovations and learn about our vision for a person-centered health care system

Which were the challenges you were facing before implementing an ELN?

Medical device development requires compliance with 21 CFR Part 11; it was critical for us to implement a standardized system for handling electronic documents and signatures in the laboratory. Some of us had tried using SAP in the past, but found it to be inefficient for laboratory purposes. We needed a solution that would not only uphold federal regulations and our internal quality management system, but also integrate easily into our typical daily workflow.

The solution and how you implemented it in your lab?

We organized our studies into SciNote projects and linked them to controlled-copy protocols in our internal quality management system. This keeps our content aligned across systems and maintains version control. SciNote’s integration features allowed us to use our existing Excel templates, reducing the setup time. We’ve also gotten great use out of the global activities page, which provides an overview of all tasks, including who is working on each and which have been completed.

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Which changes and results are you noticing after implementing SciNote?

The organizational tools save us valuable time by reducing redundant work. For example, we use some of the same protocols across multiple experiments, and documenting this in SciNote is intuitive and efficient. In our fast-paced environment, any additional efficiency is extremely valuable; we are grateful for this tool when timelines are tight.

What is your experience with the SciNote team?

We’ve found the SciNote team to be helpful, responsive, and friendly. When our internal quality management system required us to take extra steps to validate the tool, the support team was happy to assist, despite this request being outside the typical scope of SciNote’s services. We’ve also appreciated the ongoing training resources, such as the instructional videos on YouTube.