Project Description

Biologics Based Biotechnology Company

By Samuel Munroe, IT Manager, Elstar Therapeutics Inc., USA

Can you tell us a bit more about your work and what do you find most interesting about it?

Elstar is a biologics based biotechnology company focused on the development of novel immunotherapy molecules to bring cures to unmet needs for cancer patients. The development and application of complex molecules at the R&D stage is scientifically rewarding Elstar’s approach.

How did you decide to start using an electronic lab notebook?

The transition from paper notebooks to an ELN environment has been occurring for nearly a decade and from the inception of Elstar the goal was to move from the paper documentation as soon as possible.

Which were the main reasons that you chose SciNote?

“SciNote offered an affordable option that allowed us to capture and share data while providing the scientists a large amount of freedom in personal style. ”

Other options we looked at forced the user to define protocol before experiments could be captured, while SciNote has protocol they are not required. Free writing of an experiment as is being performed, like in a paper notebook, is allowed with SciNote.

“SciNote allows us to link our internal database to the experiments captured within it, resulting in a powerful combination of searching and understanding of the samples being generated.”

How much time did it take you to get familiar with SciNote in the beginning and start using it?

Users need at least an hour of 1-on-1 training to get familiar with the interface and a few experiment to get comfortable. Some of the navigation within SciNote is not obvious and the division names (Project, Experiment, Task) are misleading based on how they are used.

How does SciNote fit into your workdays and where is it most helpful?

SciNote is used to capture and share data in a sample driven manner.

Which are the benefits of using SciNote i.e. what do you like most about it?

“One of the most notable benefits is the inventory management system. Being able to track our samples in SciNote and then tag them in our experiments is very powerful when it comes to tracking our experiments.”

What is your experience with the SciNote team?

“My experience with the SciNote team has been very good. Their responsiveness and ability to solve any issues in a timely manner is something that is very import to us.”

Elstar being a startup, we are constantly promoting a fast paced environment so having a vendor that can help us solve problems quickly helps a lot.

Would you recommend SciNote to other scientists and why?

I would recommend SciNote to other scientists whose workflow is sample driven, not process driven. While SciNote can handle both, it does better than its competitors in the capturing the information for a sample from inception to transition to development.