Project Description

Navinci Diagnostics

By Agata Zieba-Wicher, R&D Director, Navinci Diagnostics

Navinci Diagnostics is a Swedish biotechnology company that is dedicated to pursuing innovative ways for in situ protein analysis. Our goal is to combine the latest technological advances and breakthroughs into kits and services for basic science, translational medicine, and preclinical research applications.

As a small company, we are primarily focused on research and product development activities, which require a solid common structure of the data and information maintenance. All data generated in our lab represents great value for the company and should not be lost or forgotten in a pile of paper notes. Therefore, the traditional paper notebook has never been an option for us.

Navinci diagnostics

Our R&D scientists explored several electronic lab notebook options with the following core requirements: management and storage of scientific data, searchability, and flexibility. It was also important for us to be able to enter calculations and drawings. The choice fell on SciNote, as it delivers all the desired features and, what is also of great value, is user-friendly. Getting familiar with Scinote was quick and painless. It did not take more than two weeks to set it up and be up and running. Currently, at Navinci all protocols, data, and inventories are organized in the SciNote system. Every piece of information is searchable and available to all group members. With templates it takes no time to set up new experiments, a real time-saver, one can say.

I have asked my colleagues what they think of SciNote:
We give SciNote the thumbs up and strongly recommend it!