LabViva release

SciNote Partners with Labviva to Expand Offering Through a  New Integrated Marketplace

Labviva, an AI-powered digital marketplace for life science reagents, instrumentation and services announces today its partnership with SciNote to offer a seamless buying experience with the integration of the Labviva marketplace.

Labviva leverages the scientific context as the organizing principal, connecting researchers with suppliers in an intuitive user-friendly platform within SciNote. SciNote is a top-rated platform for researchers in academia or industry, that provides electronic lab notebook functions, inventory management, team collaboration and project management functionalities. This integration and new tool improves the workflow, making it easy for scientist to find enriched, validated content on over 500,000 products from hundreds of global suppliers.

The Labviva marketplace has deployed powerful AI-technology to curate and connect relevant information for buyers to have the insight needed to choose the right reagents, instrumentation and service in the context of the science they do, and as part of a seamless purchasing experience and integration with their eProcurement platforms.

How does this integration work?

We start right here in the inventory section of SciNote, we added a new column type called “Vendor link” which enables us to connect the items to your inventory. To add it we have to open the column management window and click “Add new column” button. Here we name the column and select the new column type from the dropdown. 

Vendor Link

This adds a new column with the ability to connect your items with LabViva items, but first you will have to find the product in the marketplace before you can assign it to an inventory item. 

To do that, you click on the link product button.

Link Product

Then search for the product you want to add. When you find what you’re looking for, select the product and click on the “Save link” button.

Save Link

This will connect the two items together.

When you want to restock a connected item simply click on the Product details link.

Product details in the invetory

A new window will open where you’ll be able to select the amount of product and add it to your LabViva shopping cart. Keep in mind that a LabViva account is required for this to work, but don’t worry it’s free and easy to create.  

LabViva account

Once you’ve added all the items to your shopping cart, simply open it and click the blue button below and it will take you to the LabViva checkout page.

Inventory management in SciNote brings multiple benefits to you, and we are really glad that this integration can further simplify your lab stock management and ordering. 

Remember, all your ideas and feedback are always appreciated.