Contract research

SciNote ELN supports contract research organizations in managing customer orders and projects to complement CRM systems.

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Coordination of teams

SciNote enables easier work management, ownership of deliverables and a quicker communication channel.

  • Creating Teams within SciNote helps define boundaries and coordinate work.

  • Assignment of Tasks is easy and ownership of deliverables is clear.

  • Comments and personal tags save time by making up for a portion of meetings and emails.

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Managing customer orders with SciNote structure brings ELN and CRM together

  • SciNote Projects mirror customer folders, where orders are recorded as Experiments or Tasks.

  • You can coordinate work with customers/partners by granting access permissions.

  • You can share or report on deliverables externally in different formats (PDF, Word).

Manage customer orders with SciNote

Staying on top of deliverables & reporting with full traceability

  • Each SciNote Project or Experiment representing a customer can comprise of customer orders represented by Experiments/Tasks and with results as deliverables.

  • You can keep track of due-dates for deliverables with Task statuses and visual progress bars.

  • You can create a structured report on an order with SciNote Reports. Choose the content you wish to include in the report and share it with a partner or customer in formats that are open or closed for editing.

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