Kanaan Lab, Michigan State University

By Tessa Grabinski, Laboratory Manager, Kanaan Lab, Michigan State University

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“SciNote is now part of our initial welcome and training package for all employees who join our lab and has become an integral part of our daily research paradigm.”

SciNote is an easy-to-use electronic notebook that allows us to store protocols and experimental data where all employees in our lab can easily access it. It has become an easy way for our lab to assess each others’ work while holding each employee accountable for their time.

Our lab made the decision over a year ago to switch to an electronic notebook not only for the purpose of saving trees, but also to aid in searching through several different projects with a simple search feature as opposed to flipping through old notebook pages.  This has saved an enormous amount of time.

One of the key features of SciNote that peaked our interest when looking at electronic notebooks was the fact that several users could be assigned to the same project.  In a lab where several technicians work on the same main project, the ability to assign tasks and have them add protocols and data to the same project is a necessity for keeping track of the experiment’s progress.

We will continue to use SciNote as long as it is available and look forward to using new features as they are developed and introduced.

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