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By Jonathan Fadok, assistant professor and principle investigator, The Fadok Lab, Tulane University, USA

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“Overall, I am extremely happy with SciNote. It saves us time and resources and by reinforcing rigor and reproducibility in our research, I can be certain that we are compliant with the requirements of modern science.”

SciNote is a critical part of my laboratory’s infrastructure. We use it to organize and standardize our protocols and experimental approaches.

Because we can link reagents and other samples to each experiment, we can keep track of which samples are working or not. The fact that everything is fully searchable is also a great timesaver.

The importance of using an electronic lab notebook like SciNote cannot be overstated. As a neuroscientist, I am aware that the field is currently facing a reproducibility crisis. Additionally, large funding bodies like the National Institutes of Health require indices of rigor and data management. SciNote makes it easier to address these issues because everything from the approach to the end result is all in one place.

When I began the process of starting my own lab, I knew I wanted to implement an ELN. After years of using paper notebooks, I was ready to transition to something that is more transparent, consistent, and easy to manage. I also wanted a system in which it would be easy to find the right information quickly. After sampling several ELNs, I found SciNote. I immediately found it flexible and intuitive.

The work conducted in my laboratory spans from molecular biology to systems neuroscience. SciNote can easily accommodate all the types of experiments we perform because it is so flexible. Implementing SciNote was a piece of cake.

Everyone in my lab is required to use it for everything they do and no one has complained about finding it hard to learn or use.

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