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My name is dr. Johannes Pernaa. I work as a chemistry university lecturer in the Department of Chemistry in University of Helsinki Finland. My main responsibility is to develop chemistry teacher education through latest chemistry education research. My work includes a lot of teaching and thesis supervising, but I also have time to do some research. My research domain is ICT in chemistry education.

The best thing about my work is that it is relevant for me. I found educating future chemistry teachers meaningful ja important. They will inspire hundreds of new talents into chemistry, which is the most important field in solving all the wicked problems e.g. global warming, clean water etc.

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How much time did it take you to get familiar with SciNote in the beginning and start using it?

“It did not take long. After watching the first video tutorial it was easy to start using SciNote.”

Why electronic lab notebook and why SciNote?

I have a problem: My students are not taking notes in our lab sessions. I need some tools for supporting this metalevel learning process through and force them to learn actively.

I have now tested 3 months SciNote for this purpose. I chose it because SciNote is free & open source. This enables students an access to their learning notes after they graduate, which supports lifelong learning.

I am happy with SciNote. I took me 2 hours to learn it and SciNote team has always helped me fast if I have experienced any problems.

SciNote in my Teaching

At this current moment, I am developing lab exercises directly inside SciNote. I hope I can run some of courses entirely via SciNote without any other platforms. Supporting the information processing is my main objective. Students will store their learning inside SciNote.

I recommend that SciNote is worth trying out, if you search a tool for inquiry-based chemistry education in a collaborative setting. It helps processing data together.

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