Webinar: How to transition to an ELN?

EnviroLogix’s, NEUWAY Pharma’s and SciNote‘s discussion with practical advice for industry labs.

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During this webinar we cover

  • The view on digitalization in scientific organizations.
  • How to define the lab’s requirements?
  • How to test the electronic lab notebook in an organized manner?
  • How to evaluate pricing, service and make a choice?
  • The importance of the vendor’s support team.
  • How to encourage the lab team to implement and use the ELN?
  • How to measure the success of electronic lab notebook implementation?
  • Change management, saving time and the pandemic.
  • Q&A session

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NEUWAY Pharma’s ELN selection template

Download the template NEUWAY pharma used as a guide for selecting the best solution for their needs.

You can learn more about the template in our webinar under NEUWAY pharma’s presentation.

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ELN scoring template