“No special effects, it was all done with patience and collaboration.”

Video by Gilson Inc and SciNote LLC

Most elegant photography to ever feature a laboratory

Gilson Inc and SciNote LLC worked together on this video and decided to put its commercial aspect on the side to make way for the most aesthetically pleasing photography to ever feature a laboratory. The video is a unique composition of traditional scientific tools and instruments, new technology and software solutions. Flawless synchronization of the elements in the video is a great analogy for the scientific path towards discovery. It shows what has to be done in order to finish an experiment. How many things need to fall into place for a certain outcome and how in every step of the way, one element is linked to the other.

“I am among those who think that science has great beauty.”

Marie Curie

Reliable technology and intuitive software are here to empower the scientists

Without using any special effects, this two minute long video will transcend the audience into a dimension that defies the limits of reality and is a pure pleasure to watch.

Every single step of science is linked to the other

Making of the video was a great journey for our team. The idea behind the video is really about what science has to go through to deliver results. We got the inspiration from the process of scientific research, which always includes trying and failing until the pieces somehow connect and the potential for the new discovery opens up. We tried, we failed, we cleaned, we laughed and tried again. Eventually, we made it.

The essence of science is collaboration

To enable scientists to collaborate on projects and manage their research data, SciNote and Gilson developed a free, open source electronic lab notebook. This beautifully designed, easy to use electronic notebook allows labs to keep all data in one place and enables better team work.

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