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Revolutionize your research efficiency with SciNote, the innovative Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) that’s changing the game. Science has evolved, shouldn’t your tools? Streamline your research workflow, collaborate effortlessly, and enhance productivity like never before.

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Why Choose SciNote?

  • Revolutionizing Research Efficiency: Say goodbye to outdated paper-based lab notebooks. With SciNote, we digitize your lab records, making data entry, organization, and retrieval a breeze.
  • Collaboration Over Competition: Break free from the cycle of vendor rivalry. Embrace collaboration for the good of science. SciNote integrates seamlessly with existing systems, fostering teamwork and efficiency.
  • Data Harmony for Progress: Bid farewell to data silos. SciNote ensures accessibility, interoperability, and reusability, empowering your team to focus on breakthroughs, not barriers.
  • Empowering Scientists, Enhancing Research: Science is collaborative. Shouldn’t your software be too? Join us in reshaping the research landscape with professional tools designed by scientists, for scientists.

Unlock the Benefits of SciNote

Certain SciNote plans include a 14-day free trial, free onboarding and customer support, setup and installation, and ongoing maintenance and updates.

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  • Research team collaboration
  • Customizable experiment templates
  • Unlimited inventories
  • Unlimited notes and notebooks
  • Microsoft Office integration
  • Protocols.io integration
  • Automated reporting

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