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See more SciNote reviews

Keep all your data organized in one place

SciNote’s flexibility allows you to organize all your data in your preferred way. It gives structure and context to all your notes, excel sheets, tables, checklists or pictures.

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“I have found SciNote to be my top choice among the ELNs. SciNote has set a new standard for the future of data management.”

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Alexander Sougiannis, University of South Carolina School of Medicine, USA

Instantly find what you are looking for

No more flipping through lab notebook pages.

Just type in your keyword and SciNote will search through all your projects, experiments, files and their content.

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“I believe SciNote is unique in its ability to bring coherence to a lab environment.”

Rohit Goswami, Harcourt Butler Technical University, India

Keep your team notified and informed

SciNote enables you to post comments, tag and notify team members to speed up lab management, correspondence and delegate tasks.

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“Implementing SciNote in our labs has greatly improved collaboration between our research team members across different departments.”

SciNote Avatar Abdelnour Alhourani, University of Stavanger, Norway

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How do we keep your data safe?

Download data protection white paper that includes detailed information on: encryption, user roles and permissions, servers, title 21 CFR Part 11, GDPR, GLP & GMP Compliance, Exporting data out of SciNote and much more.

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White paper

“We were impressed with the security and features of the SciNote system. Everyone we spoke to at SciNote was able to clearly answer our questions and understand our concerns.”

SciNote AvatarStephanie Wallace, Scientific Officer, MicroMatrices Ltd, UK

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