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This year, SciNote is proud to support Technovation — a global nonprofit committed to empowering young women in technology and innovation—through our G2 Gives Campaign.

SciNote ELN Mobile App

A behind-the-scenes interview with SciNote Product Manager Alenka Malovrh In today’s fast-paced biotech industry, optimizing workflows and reducing duplication of effort is paramount for scientists and researchers. We sat down with Alenka Malovrh, Product Manager at SciNote, to explore the development of the newly launched SciNote electronic lab note (ELN) mobile app, and to see […]

Matjaz Hren

By implementing aspects of product psychology into product development and taking empathy into account, Matjaz Hren is changing SciNote.

Heart health month

Leave your G2 review and give $25 to fund the research needed to find lasting cures for all types of congenital heart disease.

Digital Transformation of the Laboratory-Book cover image SciNote LLC

This book addresses data integrity initiatives and setup of new, digital systems, and prioritizes integration of all tech solutions used in the lab for optimal performance.

SciNote and BioSistemika partnership blog

In this blog post, we will tell you a bit more about the laboratory digitalization expertise that BioSistemika and SciNote are offering in their joint partnership.

Streaming Data from Nearly Any Instrument into an Electronic Lab Notebook blog

The concept of Internet of Things is entering laboratories and interoperability between lab instruments and software solutions plays the major role.

Tips for Using Smart pH Meters with Electronic Lab Notebooks blog

Think of the tests that you tend to run in your lab daily, or even many times per day. Now think about the amount of data that is generated from these routine tests. It’s a lot, right? 

Labvoince and SciNote blog

LabVoice and SciNote announce a new partnership to explore the possibilities of an integration of their products, that would provide scientists the ability for contemporaneous data capture at the bench via voice.

Can electronic lab notebooks find their way into the healthcare industry blog

HIMSS is known to be the place where once a year all the bright minds from the world of IT and Healthcare come together, observe the trends and talk business.