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More information about SciNote functionalities.

Get your SciNote functionalities overview PDF
Get your SciNote functionalities overview PDF

Be organized

Keep all data in one place

  • Keep all data traceable and organized by projects, experiments and tasks.

Search through everything

  • Type your keyword and SciNote will instantly find what you are looking for.

Instantly create customized reports

  • Comprehensive reports are generated automatically in a PDF or Word (docx.) format

More about inventory management

SciNote ELN for research management

Download SciNote functionalities overview PDF

The overview includes the following sections:

  • Getting your team on board
  • Understanding the data structure in SciNote
  • Inventory tracking & management
  • Protocol & SOP Management
  • Team management & collaboration
  • Compliance (CFR 21 part 11, GxP)
  • Integrations and API
  • Data protection

Download SciNote functionalities overview PDF

Get your comprehensive SciNote functionalities guide.

Download PDF
Download PDF

Efficiently manage lab data

Manage inventories

  • Create inventories of samples, reagents, instruments etc. and link the items with experiments.

Manage and share protocols

  • Protocol repository enables lab members to manage, edit and share protocols. SciNote is integrated with

Create workflows

  • Drag and drop your tasks into workflows and visualize your lab processes.

More about protocol management

Organize your data in SciNote

Work with your team

SciNote Teams

Get your team on board

  • SciNote team prides itself in having the top-rated customer support service and onboarding.

Communicate with lab members

  • Write comments, tag and notify team members to make sure everyone is informed.

Assign roles and permissions

  • All users have their roles and a determined set of permissions in SciNote.

More about team management

Work on your mobile phone

The first release of our mobile app allows you to go through the task protocol, conveniently focusing on the current step, marking it as done and moving to the next step.

This app compliments your SciNote account and helps you take SciNote to the lab bench on your phone or tablet and focus on the steps that need to be done at the bench.

Get SciNote mobile app
Get SciNote mobile app

Estimated time savings with SciNote by labs who are using it

Meet FDA’s 21 CFR part 11 requirements

Meet FDA’s CFR 21 part 11 requirements

We are proud to be the chosen solution used by researchers at the FDA.

SciNote supports electronic signatures, electronic witnessing, audit trails etc. Get SciNote’s 21 CFR Part 11 PDF guide now:

SciNote supports the work of researchers at the FDA:  electronic signatures, electronic witnessing, audit trails etc. Get SciNote’s 21 CFR Part 11 PDF guide now:

Download PDF
Download PDF

Benefit from regular upgrades and new releases

  • Project Folders

Project folders

3 min read
With this SciNote electronic lab notebook update we are happy to introduce folders for your Projects in SciNote!

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