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SciNote can connect to LIMS, IoT platforms, instruments and other lab solutions via API.

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SciNote integration partners

SciNote is integrated with a number of applications and tools that bring in additional features to ease your work and increase your productivity.

What is integration

Integration is the connection of data, tools, applications, APIs, instruments with the aim to increase productivity and efficiency. In addition to connecting the systems, integrations bring in synergistic effects by providing brand new functionality that does not exist when systems are used individually.

For example, integrations can bring to SciNote the ability to link SciNote with LIMS system samples, retrieve data from an instrument, send a report back to the LIMS system, import a protocol from external protocol repository, offer the ability to edit Microsoft Word documents in SciNote, to draw and store a chemical structure in SciNote, to order reagents or consumables with your favorite supplier, etc. The use of these integrations together in one place will not only be convenient for you but you’ll also be more efficient and productive as you will be able to complete your work faster.

Integration is a key driver of business transformation and digitization that is happening across industries, including labs.

SciNote integrations

How can I integrate with SciNote?

You can use out-of-the box integrations SciNote already offers. Check out SciNote integration partners.  In case the tool or third party application that you would like to integrate with SciNote is not on the list of SciNote partner integrations or you would like to integrate via SciNote API contact us at .

SciNote API

SciNote has a RESTful API that 3rd party applications such as LIMS systems, data management systems, CRM, ERP systems can use to access SciNote data. RESTful APIs nowadays are one of the key concepts behind software integrations, interfacing, and interoperability. Depending on the need, integrations via RESTful API can be uni- or bidirectional offering data flows from 3rd party application into SciNote and/or from SciNote into 3rd party application. For example, an external application integrated with SciNote can create a task, a protocol, a sample, update a sample in SciNote, or can receive data such as a result file from SciNote.

Majority of the tools SciNote is integrated with rely on RESTful API.

Restful API
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Integration with

You can search the public database of directly from SciNote Protocol repository, preview protocols, and if you like a protocol, you can seamlessly import it into SciNote. SciNote will get the protocol from, parse it to SciNote protocol format which you will be able to preview and store into your SciNote Protocol repository.

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Integration with Gilson Connect

You can connect your SciNote with Gilson Connect and keep all your pipetting records in one place in SciNote. You will be able to know exactly how your experiments were conducted, connect your findings, raw data, reports, and much more. This is possible with a combination of tablet-run TRACKMAN Connected app that communicates with Gilson’s PIPETMAN® M Connected pipettes via Bluetooth® and SciNote, to which TRACKMAN Connected will save pipetting records.

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PipettePilot report

Integration with ChemAxon Marvin

Drawing chemical structures and reactions has never been easier. With a simple click on a Marvin button, you are able to draw your chemical structure and save it directly to your SciNote. You can also seamlessly edit existing chemical structures in SciNote directly with Marvin and save changes back to SciNote. Integration with ChemAxon Marvin is done in such a way that your data stay safely in your SciNote.

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Chemaxon integration - create chemical drawing

Integration with Office for the web

You can create and edit Office files directly from SciNote with Office on the web. Excel, Word or PowerPoint files will be opened with Office directly in your browser, where you are able to view, edit and download them. Once you are done editing, the file is safely stored to your SciNote. This integration is done in such a way that your files will be stored directly on your SciNote and will not reside outside of it.

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MS office integration

Integration with LabViva

When you need to order your reagents or consumables, you can do that directly from SciNote inventories. All you need to do is keep your stock of reagents and consumables in one of SciNote inventories, link them with Labviva products,  add the desired products to the cart and complete your order in your LabViva account.

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