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SciNote Integration With ChemAxon’s Chemical Drawing Tool

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SciNote’s API integration with ChemAxon’s chemical drawing tool has been enhancing the research experience for our users. This collaboration reflects our ongoing commitment to providing advanced tools for scientific discovery.

What does the ChemAxon integration offer you?

Simply put, the ChemAxon integration enables you to draw molecules directly from the SciNote interface as you work on your experiments.

But we are not talking only about your regular benzenes, ammonia or kitchen salts. No, you can draw complex antibiotics, peptides, and even chemical reactions.

The tool, Marvin JS (licensed version), also recognizes common names for compounds and draws them for you. It has the ability to modify bonds, visualize different stereoisomers and make personalized shortcuts to optimize workflow and save time.

Drawing molecules has never been easier

You can access the chemical drawing option from any rich text editor field in SciNote, and even within the Results section of your tasks.

See it in action below:

1.) Click Create Chemical Drawing

While writing a protocol an icon named Create Chemical Drawing will be located in the top right corner of your rich text editor, next to the buttons for adding pictures and inserting code samples.

Create chemical drawing in SciNote

2.) Draw Your Chemical Structure

A new window will appear with all the functionalities this chemical drawing tool has to offer. Here you can draw your chemical structures and chemical reactions. When you are done, simply click Save and Close.

Chemical drawing

3.) And that’s it! Easy and quick!

The image will be inserted directly into the text field in SciNote. You can then resize, edit or download the image.

No worries – after further editing of the image in SciNote, all changes will be automatically updated.

Edit notes in SciNote

How to use this chemical drawing tool with SciNote?

It is available to SciNote Premium users only.

If you are not a Premium user yet, check out our Premium plans for academia or industry, and contact us to see which plan best fits your needs.

SciNote Premium Users get a 30-day free trial license

With this release, Scinote Premium users (who are using web based SciNote instances) have gained access to a 30 day free trial license of the Marvin JS (licensed version). It is activated per instance, so all users from your team, within the same instance, can use it.

What happens after the 30-day trial?

Further editing of chemical structures, and creating new ones, will be disabled until you prolong your chemical drawing tool license.

How to prolong the license?

If you are a SciNote Premium user and would like to prolong the use of this chemical drawing tool, contact your key account manager, or send us your request here, and we will guide you through.

How to go from free to Premium and activate the use of a chemical drawing tool with SciNote?

Check out our Premium offers for Academia and Industry and request your quote today!