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10 Free Online Tools For Scientific Research

 As the landscape of scientific research evolves, the shift towards online tools has introduced a sea of resources that can profoundly impact the productivity and effectiveness of scientific endeavors. The key is to identify tools that enhance your research without complicating your process. While diving into this ocean of resources, there are several important […]

8 Habits of Happy Researchers

Do you ever feel like your work should be better organized? Are you frustrated when you spend time searching for “lost” samples or results? How many of these happy – researchers’- habits have you already developed?

Are You a Scientist or a Researcher

Is there a difference between scientists and researchers? Is one an occupation and the other a mission or lifestyle? Does it really matter in the end?

Digitalization quiz blog

Take the quiz and see how your lab ranks in comparison to others and which are the key activities your peers are taking to pave their way forward. Get insight and take the lead!

Gamification of Science Harvesting Tears with Spatial Proteomics blog

Many scientific data analysis tasks, such as classification or pattern search cannot be solved easily and with high precision by computer algorithms.

Lab equipment science quiz

Dear scientists, we dare you not to laugh when you see your result of this hilarious summer quiz we created for you!

Thinking of Becoming Your Own Boss blog

Budgets for science and academic research are being cut all around the world and many people are thinking about alternative careers.