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SciNote can be integrated with different solutions in your lab.

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SciNote partnerships and integrations

More information about the integrations and API is here.

API and IoT readiness

We’ve released the RESTful API (application program interface) for SciNote.

It allows LIMS systems, management systems, CRM, ERP etc. to connect to SciNote (and vice-versa) in a standardized, structured, documented and secured manner.

Download API documentation
Download API documentation

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SciNote integrations and API
Elemental Machines

Elemental Machines

Elemental Machines is revolutionizing science-based industries with a smart lab platform that offers powerful, data-driven insights to improve laboratory operations, research, development, and manufacturing outcomes. Continuously monitoring equipment and environmental variables provides new levels of clarity, transparency and consistency, and improved repeatability and gathers new data sets for advanced analytics.


FLUICS Print is a service offered to for SciNote users to print smear-proof cryo labels with QR codes directly through the cloud. Unbox the printer, connect it to the internet with a LAN cable and start printing your labels in your lab. Barcoded labels can be scanned to directly access sample properties and track samples throughout the experiments.

Lab Voice logo


LabVoice is the first company that allows you to tailor a scientific voice assistant to your laboratory needs. LabVoice can communicate with any lab software, instruments, and databases to access the information you need while away from your keyboard. With LabVoice, users can capture and transcribe notes & observations, take pictures, record videos, scan barcodes, set timers & reminders, notifications, and much, much more. LabVoice has a smart speaker developed for the lab, but also offers access to a mobile app for on-the-go users. Design, develop, and deploy your own voice-enabled workflows to create a safer, more efficient, more compliant laboratory.

Treebute logo


Treebute is an Innovation Sourcing, Competitive Intelligence, Business Intelligence, and KOL Discovery engine designed for Enterprise use and powered by a proprietary advanced natural language processing (NLP) technology. Treebute’s platform automatically collects, sorts, analyses and summarizes the most relevant insights about science, technology and innovation, and caters them via a search engine, customized live dashboards and APIs. Treebute’s AI is used by governments, enterprises & venture capital funds to source current trends, best ideas, relevant solutions, technologies and partnership opportunities, from the global scientific and startup ecosystems, innovation clusters and academia. Treebute believes that transparency, openness and collaboration, are keys for accelerating the impactful use of Knowledge. This is why Treebute partners across industry and ecosystem verticals to deploy its proprietary scientific knowledge discovery. The SciNote partnership is part of Treebute’s mission to accelerate collaboration, and forging effective intersections between academia and industry. SciNote users will gain unprecedented access to Treebute’s advanced semantic search functionality, literature review assistant and the ability to locate KOLs directly from their SciNote workspace. More on treebute.

KML Vision

KML VISION provides modern, high quality image data management and automated image analysis applications for R&D in pharma, CROs, core facilities, and academia. Our mission is to provide intelligent and accessible solutions for the efficient automation of labour-intensive tasks in the field of big image data. We have developed the IKOSA® platform to collaboratively manage all your big image data in one place. It supports our users with their repetitive and tedious visual inspection tasks, providing highly accurate and reproducible analysis results.

Log in from anywhere to get access to all the images of your project and work on them together with your colleagues. To learn more about IKOSA® and try it out for free go to:

LifeTaq logo


LifeTaq is an Austrian biotech company with focus on 3D cell cultivation and analysis. We offer physiological relevant as well as standardized cell products. Due to our innovative automation process our in vitro tissues are of high quality and can be produced cost- and time-efficient. Choose from various cell lines or discuss your ideas with our technical team in order to find the best individual solution for your needs. We cover numerous applications including feeder cultures, skin, lung, bone, cartilage and many other tissues. Are you eager to enter or extend your world of 3D cell cultivation without the usual negative side effects of increased cost, need of new know-how or limitation to high throughput applications? Then you just found the right partner in LifeTaq. Get in touch with us by sending an email to .

CytoCypher logo


CytoCypher is a young company that specializes in increasing the throughput of physiological experiments. When improving equipment for cellular research in cardiology we realized that data analysis and presentation is another bottleneck. We have developed a suite of analysis tools to automate processing of complex time series, like calcium transients and contractions of muscle cells.

Interbiome partners

The Interbiome Population Health Project is launching multiple Contract drug-Manufacturing Organizations, or “CMOs” with the dual purpose of generating an adequate profit while solving neglected but critical Population Health challenges, involving timely production of Neglected as well as Abandoned drugs.

Nano commons logo


Nanotechnologies and the resulting novel and emerging materials (NEMs) represent areas of major investment and growth for the European economy but the properties that make them exciting for a range of applications also raise concerns about their safety. To facilitate evaluating the impacts of NEMs on human and environmental health, NanoCommons ( is developing an e-infrastructure providing a standardised, reproducible and interoperable way to access all available data, knowledge, analysis and modelling tools that have been adapted and verified as suitable for application to nanomaterials, and to generate new data in a harmonised and FAIR manner. This infrastructure will support the full data lifecycle from the design of the study, generation of the data (experimentally and computationally), curation, processing, uploading and sharing in public databases to re-use in industry and regulatory settings. One of the most important aspects is the documentation of the experimental procedures and collection of complete metadata allowing others to understand and (re)use the data. This is realised by an innovative combination of the electronic lab notebook functionalities provided by SciNote, which can be linked to protocol repositories and data warehouses specifically designed for nanosafety research.

SCIAR consulting

Sciar Consulting

Sciar Consulting helps Life Science and Process Industry to achieve their full digital potential by providing Digital Consulting tailored to these fields. We can provide everything from initial assessment to full implementation and project management.

5th Digital hub

The 5-HT Digital Hub Chemistry & Health

The 5-HT Digital Hub Chemistry & Health is part of the Digital Hub Initiative (de:hub) initiated by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy to promote digital innovation in Germany. 5-HT was founded by BASF SE, SAP SE and Pepperl+Fuchs SE, further corporate members like Daikin Chemicals, Accenture, Gelita, Merck, GWQ, Endress+Hauser, Medi-Markt and Roche joined the ecosystem. Our goal is to build an international ecosystem of startups, investors and companies to drive digital innovation in the chemical and health industries. As a central platform, we offer these players the opportunity to network, cooperate and co-develop.

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