Reproducible Experiments with SciNote and Gilson Integration blog

Reproducible Experiments with SciNote and Gilson Integration

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Gilson is proud to collaborate with SciNote, a top-rated electronic lab notebook (ELN), for researchers in academia or industry.

Developed as a result of one of the largest studies about scientific data management, SciNote offers scientists a way to safely organize and store their scientific data all in one place.

The connection between Gilson devices and SciNote helps scientists tackle the reproducibility issues that may arise. Keeping all your records in one place helps you know exactly how your experiments were conducted, connect your findings, raw data, reports and much more. There is an immense benefit and importance in keeping your data in one place, traceable and searchable.

Why SciNote?

  • All Electronic lab notebook functionalities in one place.
  • Best rated customer support and onboarding.
  • Top level data protection.
  • Project, team, inventory and data management.

How does this integration work? SEE VIDEO HERE!

SciNote and Gilson integration

1. Connect your SciNote and Gilson Connect accounts.

2. The PipettePilot app (a part of TRACKMAN® Connected) is here to help you create your pipetting plans – how you will distribute your samples, reagents etc. on the microplate.

3. The PipettePilot app is here to guide you through your microplate method with real-time interactions to prevent errors.

And it gets better.

4. PIPETMAN® M Connected pipettes connect to PipettePilot app so you’ll be able to execute pipetting steps seamlessly and get a full pipetting report after you are done, including environmental conditions like temperature, humidity, and air pressure.

What does SciNote cover?

5. You can send the PDF reports and pipetting plans to SciNote from PipettePilot app as well as download them. With SciNote you can cover your entire process before and after pipetting: you can create and plan your experiments, manage your protocols, inventories (e.g. samples, reagents, equipment) and lab activities, among many other great features.

Keeping all your data connected and in one place helps you make sure all your data is traceable, searchable and reproducible.

Choose your SciNote plan!

Suitable for individual use and for teams.