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Learn more about ELNs, lab digitalization, the internet of things and laboratory compliance.

Hosted by Klemen Zupancic, SciNote CEO

SciNote and Ingenza webinar
How to use an ELN to scale your processes?

26th of October 2021

Rita Cruz and Klemen Zupancic will discuss how to successfully integrate an ELN to your work.

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How to transition to an ELN?

24th of March, 2021

EnviroLogix’s, NEUWAY Pharma’s and SciNote’s discussion with practical advice for industry labs.

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Lab software and compliance

December, 14th, 2020

Bryan Lowry, FDA, discusses how to acquire a software for your lab and meet the compliance requirements.

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ELN in an academic lab

15th of June 2021

Kelly Lambert and Jacy Jacob, University of Richmond explain how to implement an ELN in an academic environment.

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SciNote webinar
R&D lab’s strategic directions

29th of June 2021

Nick Lynch, Richard ShuteKeith Russell and Matjaz Hren discuss the digital transformation, FAIR and more.

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The internet of things & your connected lab

October, 6th, 2020

An online round-table discussion with experts in the field of digitalization, electronic lab notebooks, protocols and methodology and smart pipettes.

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Go digital! How to do science without lab access?

April, 28th, 2020

Discussion with Agricen Sciences, VelaLabs GmbH and University of Applied Sciences Wildau about the the digital strategy and its competitive advantage.

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