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Starting with SciNote course

Course #1: Starting with SciNote

Scope: 8 Lessons

During this course, you will learn how to set up your work in SciNote.

We will start with the structure of data and progress towards other interesting functionalities such as: planning your experiments, uploading results, managing your samples and reagents, automatically generating print-ready reports, etc.

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Lab digitalization course

Course #2: 101 Lab digitalization basics

Scope: 6 Lessons

This course is packed with useful information and practical advice that will help you transition from paper to digital tools.

The course will touch upon software-related terms, the different software solutions that are currently out there, and, lastly, the transitioning process from paper to digital.

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Digital Transformation of the Laboratory: A Practical Guide to the Connected Lab

2021, SciNote LLC, Wiley Inc.

The book delivers transformative new insights into current and future technologies and strategies for the digitization of laboratories. Thoroughly supported and backed-up with contributions from thought and industry leaders, the book shows scientists in academia and industry how to move from paper to digital in their own labs.

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