ELN Knowledge

From understanding IT terms to return of investment, learn more about implementing an electronic lab notebook in your lab.

  • Use SciNote in the time of COVID-19

2019-Novel Coronavirus identification protocol in SciNote

3 min read
In the light of the current outbreak of a novel coronavirus (COVID-19) many new challenges have stumbled in front of all of us. In SciNote we are well aware of the importance of the research community to join forces and contribute to the efforts to combat the challenges that the new virus has faced us with.

  • SciNote and Gilson connected lab & IoT

What is Connected Lab & the Role of IoT?

1 min read
An alarming study showed that out of 238 published scientific articles, barely 46% could be reproduced. News also reported on the replication efforts which were successful for only two of five cancer papers.

  • FAIR Data blog post header

FAIR Principles – Key Take Away Messages for Researchers

10 min read
Being an expert in the field of diet research, you come to the point in your career where you need to run a controlled clinical trial, include thousands of people who are willing to turn their eating habits upside down and convince the government to give you hundreds of thousands of dollars to do it.

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SciNote Releases

Be up-to-date with the latest SciNote features that make your research process even more effortless.

  • SciNote tumbnail

SciNote Dashboard Introduction

5 min read
The dashboard is comprised out of 4 sections, the tasks section, the calendar, the quick start section, and the recent work section.

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SciNote News

This category brings you the latest news about SciNote, from integrations with other exquisite solutions, to events we are attending, etc.

  • SciNote and AHA notes integration

Add Your Handwritten Notes to SciNote

1 min read
SciNote and AHA notes integration enables you to add you paper notes in SciNote. This is the main idea behind the useful AHA Notes app. At SciNote, we recognized the benefit of offering the possibility to connect your handwritten notes, to your tasks in SciNote.

  • Support Team

SciNote Academy Is Now Available For All Researchers

1 min read
We know that implementing an ELN is not an eays task and often it takes quite some time and effort for the entire team to get on board. Therefore, SciNote Academy will offer free, self-paced courses to all interested SciNote users.

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Fun in the Lab

In this category you will find short, relaxing reads to enjoy after long hours in the lab.

  • Why Open Source?

Why Open Source?

2 min read
Once upon a time there was a code. This was not a normal code, this was a very special code visible for only the select few, who had the permission to play (or tinker) with it.

  • Are You a Scientist or a Researcher?

Are You a Scientist or a Researcher?

1 min read
Is there a difference between scientists and researchers? Is one an occupation and the other a mission or lifestyle? Does it really matter in the end?

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