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Navigating the Complexities of ELNs and Data Integration in Biotech: Insights from a Conversation

The adoption of modern technology has played a pivotal role in driving progress, especially in industries like biotech and research and development (R&D). Recently, on the Data in Biotech podcast by CorrDyn, SciNote’s CEO Brendan McCorkle discussed the complexity of integrating diverse data sources within biotech organizations, and the intricacies of implementing robust integration solutions, […]

Patenting, IP and the role of ELNs explained

Intellectual property is a wide and complex topic and its exact legal nature and interpretation can greatly vary across countries due to specifics of applicable legislation and jurisdiction.

Bridging the gap: how digitalization can bolster your technology transfer position

Learn about the core challenge of technology transfer – reproducibility – and why you should invest in digitalization now to address this challenge.

Alternate protein blog

Learn how digitalization helps alternative protein companies gain a competitive edge.


Learn how to determine the return on investment (ROI) of lab digitalization, so that you can make an informed decision before a purchase.

API preview

Learn how to automate your lab processes with the help of APIs in this practical guide with tips and examples.


Learn how to future-proof your lab and research, so you can avoid unwanted impacts while benefiting from thinking ahead.


Learn the differences between an ELN and a LIMS, and find out how to choose the right digital tool for your lab’s needs with our simple table.

ELN implementation pitflls

Implementing a digital tool, such as an electronic lab notebook, in your lab? Here are 3 pitfalls you should avoid in digital implementation, and how.