Alternate protein blog

9 min read
Learn how digitalization helps alternative protein companies gain a competitive edge.


10 min read
What’s the best tool to improve your data management and sharing and comply with the upcoming NIH 2023 policy?

SciNote_Blog_NIH_DMP_5 (2)

11 min read
Learn how to comply with the 2023 NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy and secure your research funding.

efficient collaboration case study

3 min read
Learn how the biotech company Numaferm uses an ELN to facilitate efficient collaboration and communication between different departments.

Seasoned biotech with a start-up soul

5 min read
Athens Research & Technology’s Senior Protein Chemist Chris Landers on the company’s local connections, expansion, and investment in the future.

Data Integrity featured

6 min read
Implementing good data integrity practices not only ensures your data is reliable and accurate but is also critical for complying with regulatory bodies.


7 min read
Learn how to determine the return on investment (ROI) of lab digitalization, so that you can make an informed decision before a purchase.

API preview

10 min read
Learn how to automate your lab processes with the help of APIs in this practical guide with tips and examples.


7 min read
Learn how to future-proof your lab and research, so you can avoid unwanted impacts while benefiting from thinking ahead.


7 min read
Learn the differences between an ELN and a LIMS, and find out how to choose the right digital tool for your lab’s needs with our simple table.