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What is Connected Lab & the Role of IoT blog

An alarming study showed that out of 238 published scientific articles, barely 46% could be reproduced. News also reported on the replication efforts which were successful for only two of five cancer papers.

SciNote & Quartzy – 5 Things Holding Your Lab Back From Success blog

What is a successful lab? Some may argue that a well-funded lab is a successful one. Others may say that frequent publications define success. Happy students, researchers, and employees.

Saving Scientific Data in the Cloud – Biggest Hurdles to Overcome blog

Before we enter the age of fully automated labs where all devices are connected and compatible, there are several hurdles to overcome.

The Biggest Time Wasters in Research blog

We are all familiar with phrases “How does the time fly!” or “A day should be 48 hours long!”. But on which tasks do scientists actually spend too much time?