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How FogPharma Leverages SciNote API and Webhooks to Automate Data Synchronization

Here’s how FogPharma uses SciNote’s API and webhooks to streamline data processing and enhance seamless integration and synchronization between various data systems.

Streamlining Workflow with SciNote through Automation and API Integration

Here’s how the Advanced Cellular Dynamics uses SciNote to enhance transparency, automate workflows, and streamline client-specific data access.

Enhance data management with SciNote in an NIH-funded research lab

Here is how the Tykocki Lab uses SciNote to enhance its data management practices to maintain data integrity and meet NIH data management and sharing requirements. “We tried the other [electronic lab notebooks] too, but the visual interface of SciNote was hands down the thing that won.” Dr. Nathan R. Tykocki, Pharmacology and Toxicology, Michigan […]

Improve inventory management in a research lab with SciNote

Learn how the Schosserer Lab (Medical University of Vienna) uses SciNote ELN to improve its inventory management and ensure data traceability.

Here’s how Dynamic Code uses SciNote ELN to simplify its documentation approval for regulatory requirements, and to minimize administrative burden in quality management.

How to ensure data continuity in an academic lab with SciNote ELN

Data continuity is a major challenge especially for Principal Investigators who work closely with undergraduate students. Here is how the Lambert Lab uses SciNote to ensure data continuity and improve the access of data. “I love how we were forced to conceptualize everything that was going on in our lab in a [visualized, digital] way […]

efficient collaboration case study

Learn how the biotech company Numaferm uses an ELN to facilitate efficient collaboration and communication between different departments.

Seasoned biotech with a start-up soul

Athens Research & Technology’s Senior Protein Chemist Chris Landers on the company’s local connections, expansion, and investment in the future.

ACD blog coverpreview (1)

Advanced Cellular Dynamics President & CSO Deborah Schwarz on the curiosity for science, next generation sequencing, and readying the business for the future.

Webinar Ingenza case study

Case study by Ingenza, a UK company specialising in the design, development and manufacture of diverse, high-value industrial products and therapeutic-proteins.