FOUNDATIONS: Development

We are developing and maintaining SciNote features and improvements and ensuring that the code quality and software architecture are kept at a high level. Secured, safe and easy to use.

Miha Mencin,

Head of Development

Luka Murn,

MSc, Principal Software Engineer

Mojca Lorber,

MSc, Software Developer

Urban Rotnik,

MSc, Software Developer

VISION: Product Management & UX/UI Design

We shape SciNote as a product. We combine all your feedback with ideas from our team and shape it up into a neat product roadmap.

Matjaz Hren,
PhD, VP of Product Management

Sasa Trkov Bobnar,
PhD, Product Manager

Oleksii Kyrychenko,
MSc, UX/UI Designer

Matjaz Muhic,
UX/UI Designer

TRUST: Support

We make sure to motivate and help you achieve SciNote proficiency so that it becomes an indispensable lab tool. We work on your individual cases and fetch your suggestions to our product team.

Blazka Orel,
MSc, Head of Support

Karin Smrekar,
MSc, Support Specialist

Lara Markic,
MSc, implementation specialist

Vid Lekovac,
Implementation specialist

DRIVE: Sales

Our main purpose is to fully understand your needs and requirements on your day to day research activities, and advice you on the best possible solution for your lab.

Carlos Rosas,
VP of Sales

Zala Kobe,
MSc, Business Development Executive

Wade Opperman,
MBs, Key Account Manager USA

Damir Handzar,
MBs, Key Account Manager EU, Asia & ROW


Our main goal is to illustrate how your research can be done digitally. We deliver unique, appealing and high-quality content to you on a daily basis.

Tea Pavlek,
MSc, VP of Marketing

Masa Petan,
Digital Marketing Specialist

Janja Cerar,
Graphic Designer 

RELIABILITY: Quality Assurance

We make sure that all the processes run smoothly. With a high-level background in legal and IT knowledge, we assure you that everything works in compliance with the highest standards.

Erik Kenda,
VP of QA

Hana Gaber,
MSc, Legal Associate


Note from our CEO

SciNote’s exciting journey began in 2015, the company is a joint venture between BioSistemika LLC and Gilson Inc.

“At SciNote, we celebrate science and its achievements to help humanity. We believe that science can provide solutions to better understand the challenges we are facing today and will be facing in the future to help save our planet. The complexity of these challenges will require the combined effort of brilliant minds worldwide to work together in a very efficient manner. At SciNote we are helping these scientists be more efficient and are safeguarding the scientific data for future generations of scientists.” – Klemen Zupancic, PhD, CEO SciNote LLC

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