How are labs using SciNote?

Here you can find ideas and examples that can help you transfer your existing lab work to SciNote. We will keep adding new examples.

Why is it difficult to switch from paper to ELN?

Thoughts on switching from paper to an ELN
Example of use

R&D experimental work

Example of use

Sreening samples with complex methods

Example of use

Protocol/SOP approval process

Example of use

Managing studies according to GLP

Example of use

GMP lab working with clients

Example of use

Organizing your PhD work in SciNote

Example of use

Cell line maintenance

Example of use

Equipment inventory and calibration

Example of use

Managing bioreactor batches

Example of use

Routine analytics on batches of samples

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SciNote is used by scientists at the FDA & the NIH.


NEUWAY Pharma’s ELN selection template

Download the template NEUWAY pharma used as a guide for selecting the best solution for their needs.

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ELN scoring template

SciNote in practice

Learn from Jacy Jacob how their lab team at University of Richmond uses SciNote for their daily work.

We reccomend you to watch the entire webinar where we cover:

  • implementation of an ELN into your lab,
  • Jacy’s approach and advice,
  • the biggest challenges and benefits on an ELN & more,
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