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While saving files to an electronic lab notebook is a great way to keep lab data centralized so it is easy to locate and access, editing them on your desktop computer can be a chore.

SciNote Quartzy Integration for Lab Inventory Management

We are excited to announce the new Quartzy and SciNote integration! Quartzy is a web-based lab inventory management platform that provides a centralized hub to request supplies, a robust inventory management system, and an expansive e-commerce platform that allows you to shop from thousands of suppliers—all in one place. If you are already using Quartzy, […]

Managing Item Relationships blog cover

Relationships matter – not just in life, but also within your lab inventories. Understanding how inventory items relate to each other will help you save time when looking for item details, ensure the traceability of samples and reagents, and improve how the lab manages its inventory and data.

Parse Existing .Docx Protocols into SciNote Protocols Instantly

SciNote’s Protocol parser allows you to import your static .docx protocols and convert them into interactive protocol steps. In this blog post, we’ll explore the reasons behind the Protocol parser and its numerous benefits for your lab workflows.

Sequence Editor in SciNote ELN

Explore the new sequence editor tool (Open Vector Editor) within SciNote Premium, and discover how this integration can improve the way you design and manage your plasmid sequences in SciNote.

Real-time Sharing in SciNote through Task Shareable Links

In this blog post, we will look at how you can share your data within SciNote in real-time, and highlight a few key things to know about sharing your data with collaborators or any external audience.

Designing Labels SciNote cover 1115x465

There are a few ways of designing ZPL label templates. Learn how to design them with the free software ZebraDesigner Essentials 3.

Printing Lables cover

SciNote supports label printing with Zebra label printers through the free Zebra Print Browser application. Learn how to connect your printer here.

Printing Labels cover 1115x465

With SciNote, you can print labels for your samples, and reagents to label tubes, plates, racks, or other containers that hold them.