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Feature highlights

[Video] SciNote Integration With ChemAxon’s Chemical Drawing Tool blog

We are happy to announce that this release brings SciNote integration with a premium version of the chemical drawing tool by ChemAxon.

[Video] Image Annotations and Advanced Filtering of all Activities in SciNote blog

Dear SciNote users, based on your feedback, we are releasing two new features: advanced filtering of all activities in SciNote and image annotations.

Exporting All Your Data in A Readable Format from SciNote blog

SciNote Premium Academia and Industry accounts now enable you to export all your projects’ data in a readable format. And it gets even better – all your attachments will also be neatly organized in folders.

RESTful API and Why Is It Good for Your Lab blog

With the latest SciNote upgrade, we’ve released the first version of the RESTful API for SciNote. In this article, I’d like to explain what an API actually means – for those who are not familiar with the technicalities of it – and why it is really good to have one in 2019.