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Why is it difficult to switch from paper to ELN blog cover

We are all excellent timekeepers. We know very well what’s happening right now. You’re reading these lines.

Cloud servers or dedicated private servers E28093 is your data at risk

Many labs today are facing the dilemma between a cloud server and a dedicated private server to store the valuable research data.


To fully benefit from the software, everyone needs to understand the importance of good data management, and everyone needs to be on board.


Living in the technological era of the 21st century, we could be forgiven for assuming that we live in a primarily digital world. Assignments are written and handed in electronically, personal records are stored digitally, emails and text messages have replaced the handwritten letter.

Top 8 SciNote Functionalities for Forensic Science Labs

From the sample that comes in the lab, to the automatically generated report at the end, an electronic lab notebook (ELN) can help your lab to manage all data in compliance with the highest standards in scientific data management.

Electronic Lab Notebooks and GLP Compliance

Have you ever had to prepare the full set of documentation for the FDA or similar inspections? How many grant proposals could you have written in that time?

Compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Key Things to Know blog

Historically, companies maintained a paper trail of all their equipment, experiments and results in order to comply with cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) and cGLP (Current Good Laboratory Practices) regulations.

SciNote Data Protection White Paper blog

For most labs, understanding how their data is being handled is just as important as the set of features a certain software offers and there are various reasons for it – from making sure the data is in good hands to checking various compliance checkboxes.

From defining your needs, to narrowing down the selection, testing an electronic lab notebook (ELN) and presenting it to your team, this electronic lab notebook guide will provide valuable tips on how to approach the process.

Among numerous solutions and research tools available today, scientists are choosing electronic lab notebooks (ELNs) to complement the paper-based approach to record keeping.