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Top 3 Barriers and Solutions blog

Labs expressed their opinion in the recently published study “Electronic lab notebooks: can they replace paper?” that addresses the subject of electronic lab notebooks (ELNs) and whether they can replace paper in today’s digital labs.

How Trendy Are LIMS or ELN Systems – a Software Engineer Perspective blog

Computers have been around for a while now and in parallel to the development of hardware (processors, memory devices, chips etc.), many programming languages and frameworks have emerged,

Eln adoption issues blog

In this article, we will explain how we approach the ELN implementation process and give you some good practice suggestions on how to handle the adoption of an ELN successfully in your lab.

First steps of digitalization and interoperability in the analytical lab blog

ELNs are structured in multiple layers to keep your data organized. Within SciNote, there are four main layers: team, projects, experiments, and tasks. In the beginning, a team is defined, consisting of different researchers.

2019-Novel Coronavirus identification protocol in SciNote blog

In the light of the current outbreak of a novel coronavirus (COVID-19) many new challenges have stumbled in front of all of us. In SciNote we are well aware of the importance of the research community to join forces and contribute to the efforts to combat the challenges that the new virus has faced us with.

How Hard Is It to Switch from Paper to an Electronic Lab Notebook blog

If you are working in the lab you would probably relate to the fact that new ideas and especially ideas about the use of new digital solutions in the lab can be a bit of an obstacle to be accepted by the rest of the team and the PI.

Major Concerns, Hacks & Lost Data When Using Online Lab Notebooks blog

In this article we will tackle major concerns regarding the use of digital, cloud-based, online lab notebooks and similar software solutions.

Managing and Saving Scientific Data Going from Paper to Electronic Lab Notebooks and to DNA Storage blog

Science plays a big role in generating an ever increasing amounts of data. We are able to produce the “big data” with a single experiment.

What is Connected Lab & the Role of IoT blog

An alarming study showed that out of 238 published scientific articles, barely 46% could be reproduced. News also reported on the replication efforts which were successful for only two of five cancer papers.

SciNote & Quartzy – 5 Things Holding Your Lab Back From Success blog

What is a successful lab? Some may argue that a well-funded lab is a successful one. Others may say that frequent publications define success. Happy students, researchers, and employees.