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updated experiment view

Update of the experiment canvas view and a new table view

SciNote’s experiment canvas view has gotten some small updates and a new table view of tasks is now available.

Data management and sharing: Paper vs OneNote vs SciNote Electronic Lab Notebook [comparison]   

What's the best tool to improve your data management and sharing and comply with the upcoming NIH 2023 policy?
SciNote_Blog_NIH_DMP_5 (2)

NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy – 9 tips for preparing your DMS plan [Guide]

Learn how to comply with the 2023 NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy and secure your research funding.
How to ensure data continuity in an academic lab with SciNote ELN

How to ensure data continuity in an academic lab with SciNote ELN

Data continuity is a major challenge especially for Principal Investigators who work closely with undergraduate students. Here is how the Lambert Lab uses SciNote to ensure data continuity and improve the access of data. “I love how we were…
efficient collaboration case study

Use an ELN as the platform to facilitate efficient collaboration [Case study]

Learn how the biotech company Numaferm uses an ELN to facilitate efficient collaboration and communication between different departments.
Seasoned biotech with a start-up soul

Seasoned biotech with a start-up soul

Athens Research & Technology’s Senior Protein Chemist Chris Landers on the company’s local connections, expansion, and investment in the future.
Data Integrity featured

Data Integrity in your lab: The 6 steps you can take to avoid an FDA warning

Implementing good data integrity practices not only ensures your data is reliable and accurate but is also critical for complying with regulatory bodies.
Designing Labels SciNote cover 1115x465

How to design ZPL label templates with ZebraDesigner

There are a few ways of designing ZPL label templates. Learn how to design them with the free software ZebraDesigner Essentials 3.
Printing Lables cover

Zebra print integration with SciNote: print labels with ease

SciNote supports label printing with Zebra label printers through the free Zebra Print Browser application. Learn how to connect your printer here.
Printing Labels cover 1115x465

Basics of printing labels in SciNote Premium

With SciNote, you can print labels for your samples, and reagents to label tubes, plates, racks, or other containers that hold them.

The value of an electronic lab notebook – on ROI and stakeholder buy-in

Learn how to determine the return on investment (ROI) of lab digitalization, so that you can make an informed decision before a purchase.
API preview

Automating Lab Processes with APIs [Guide with Examples]

Learn how to automate your lab processes with the help of APIs in this practical guide with tips and examples.