Project folders release blog

Project folders

3 min read
With this SciNote electronic lab notebook update we are happy to introduce folders for your Projects in SciNote!
Electronic Lab Notebooks and GLP Compliance

ELN and GLP (Good laboratory practice) Compliance

2 min read
Have you ever had to prepare the full set of documentation for the FDA or similar inspections? How many grant proposals could you have written in that time?
Compliance with Title 21 Key Things to Know blog

Compliance with Title 21 CFR Part 11 – Key Things to Know and PDF

5 min read
Historically, companies maintained a paper trail of all their equipment, experiments and results in order to comply with cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) and cGLP (Current Good Laboratory Practices) regulations.
SciNote Data Protection White Paper blog

SciNote Data Protection White Paper

1 min read
For most labs, understanding how their data is being handled is just as important as the set of features a certain software offers and there are various reasons for it – from making sure the data is in good hands to checking various compliance checkboxes.
Selecting an Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) for your lab blog

Selecting an Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) for your lab

15 min read
From defining your needs, to narrowing down the selection, testing an electronic lab notebook (ELN) and presenting it to your team, this electronic lab notebook guide will provide valuable tips on how to approach the process.
ROI blog

Return on Investment When Implementing an Electronic Lab Notebook

15 min read
Among numerous solutions and research tools available today, scientists are choosing electronic lab notebooks (ELNs) to complement the paper-based approach to record keeping.
SciNote tutorials blog

Tutorials on SciNote’s Inventory Management

1 min read
It is important to track which samples were used in which experiment. Not only to keep track of your current work, but also to keep reference long-term and even meet specific requirements when applying for grants or patents.
Top 3 Barriers and Solutions blog

Top 3 Barriers and Solutions When Switching from Paper to Electronic Lab Notebook

3 min read
Labs expressed their opinion in the recently published study “Electronic lab notebooks: can they replace paper?” that addresses the subject of electronic lab notebooks (ELNs) and whether they can replace paper in today’s digital labs.
Electronic Lab Notebook for students blog

Electronic Lab Notebook for students – It is never too early to start

5 min read
Technology adoption should start early in the education process. The use of electronic lab notebooks for managing data, organizing work, writing reports
Are You a Scientist or a Researcher

Are You a Scientist or a Researcher?

1 min read
Is there a difference between scientists and researchers? Is one an occupation and the other a mission or lifestyle? Does it really matter in the end?
SciNote inventory management guide blog

Quick Guide to Inventory Management For R&D Labs – PDF & VIDEO

2 min read
Inventory management in SciNote allows small and medium labs, and large organizations, to import and connect all data - from each inventory item to the latest experiment results and final project reports
File preview blog

New file preview options in SciNote for all users

3 min read
With this SciNote electronic lab notebook update we are adding more options to preview the content of your attached files in SciNote.