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How to future-proof your lab management

Learn how to future-proof your lab and research, so you can avoid unwanted impacts while benefiting from thinking ahead.

New look of the task screen and improved protocol steps

Major updates to your tasks and protocol steps!
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Next generation sequencing & digitalization key to a future-ready biotech business

Advanced Cellular Dynamics President & CSO Deborah Schwarz on the curiosity for science, next generation sequencing, and readying the business for the future.

LIMS vs ELN: a guide to differences & how to choose

Learn the differences between an ELN and a LIMS, and find out how to choose the right digital tool for your lab's needs with our simple table.
ELN implementation pitflls

Digitalizing your lab? 3 pitfalls to avoid in digital implementation

Implementing a digital tool, such as an electronic lab notebook, in your lab? Here are 3 pitfalls you should avoid in digital implementation, and how.
Stock management blog cover

Stock Management in SciNote ELN

Stock management is now in SciNote Premium! Learn how to set it up with this quick quide.
Cover article how elns improve lab sustainability

How electronic lab notebooks (ELN) improve lab sustainability

How electronic lab notebooks (ELN) improve lab sustainability.
inventory use cases

Advanced inventory filters make your Inventories easier to use

 /> 3 min read<br> SciNote inventories now have new advanced filters that will help you improve findability. More information about this feature is accessible in this blog post.</div></div><footer class=
advanced intentory management

Advanced filtering in Inventory

 /> 5 min read<br> We are introducing advanced inventory filters to improve findability in SciNote inventories and to make managing your data even simpler.</div></div><footer class=
Heart health month

Heart Health Month

 /> 1 min read<br> Leave your G2 review and give $25 to fund the research needed to find lasting cures for all types of congenital heart disease.</div></div><footer class=