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advanced intentory management

Advanced filtering in Inventory

 /> 5 min read<br> We are introducing advanced inventory filters to improve findability in SciNote inventories and to make managing your data even simpler.</div></div><footer class=
Heart health month

Heart Health Month

 /> 1 min read<br> Leave your G2 review and give $25 to fund the research needed to find lasting cures for all types of congenital heart disease.</div></div><footer class=
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8 reasons why an electronic lab notebook enhances research reproducibility

8 reasons why an electronic lab notebook enhances research reproducibility.
Lab examples Fimg

Upgraded SciNote permission system for Projects

 /> 5 min read<br> In this article, we’ll have a look at how NIH and EC policies relate to data management practices for researchers and scientists and how electronic laboratory notebooks can help.</div></div><footer class=
Webinar Ingenza case study

Ingenza case study

Case study by Ingenza, a UK company specialising in the design, development and manufacture of diverse, high-value industrial products and therapeutic-proteins.
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Barcodes and label printing in SciNote

All inventory items now have a barcode and the option to print the inventory item labels with the barcode via FLUICS label printer.
Fluics Print integration

Print label Directly From SciNote ELN with Fluics Print

SciNote is now integrated with FLUICS Print, truely a plug & play label printing solution.
Digital Transformation of the Laboratory-Book cover image SciNote LLC

Book: Digital Transformation of the Laboratory, Wiley Inc

This book addresses data integrity initiatives and setup of new, digital systems, and prioritizes integration of all tech solutions used in the lab for optimal performance.
Upgraded Scinote reports

Upgraded SciNote reports

Scinote Reports gained seceral improvements to make reporting even easier and enjoyable!
Why is it difficult to switch from paper to ELN blog cover

Why is it difficult to switch from paper to ELN

We are all excellent timekeepers. We know very well what's happening right now. You’re reading these lines.