Scinote permission upgrade

Upgraded SciNote permission system for Projects

5min read

SciNote has upgraded the permission system for projects, which controls how SciNote users access projects, as well as the experiments, and tasks inside projects.

  • Don’t worry the upgrade was designed in a way that allows you to continue to use SciNote in an identical way as before. The majority of the upgrade is the first step that will allow SciNote to roll out additional flexibility and improvements in the future.

You can keep on using SciNote as you were used to, however, this upgrade is already bringing in some additional flexibility, which you can optionally take advantage of.

The upgraded permission system also meant that we had to introduce a few minor changes to the user interface.

Let’s review what those flexibilities and related improvements are.


  • Improved managing of project members
  • It is now possible to manage access inside projects
  • Minor improvements due to the upgrade of the permission system