Can electronic lab notebooks find their way into the healthcare industry blog

Can electronic lab notebooks find their way into the healthcare industry?

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There are many areas in healthcare where ELNs can fit in. Take clinical trials for example. Managing patients’ data and research data in a comprehensive way is crucial to achieve traceability, efficiency and reproducibility.

Since patients’ data is being managed by EHR and EMR software, it is important that ELN is able to communicate with these systems. Taking a step towards interoperability, SciNote is offering different levels of customization to its premium customers, including connection of different software systems via APIs. That means that you can keep all patients data in EMR system and then send information about laboratory analysis together with patient’s ID to SciNote, where you continue to do your research work.

Since the number of professionals, vendors and attendees at HIMSS this year exceeded 40.000, this seemed like a great way for us to explore the healthcare market and see how we best fit in. We not only wanted to present SciNote to our potential customers, but also take the opportunity to meet with researchers and experts from the healthcare and technology field.

To sum up our experience: Even though the event is not entirely ELN oriented, HIMSS was a great experience and a valuable introduction into this industry. The people we talked to, the feedback we got and companies we connected with definitely made it worth the trip.

For SciNote, there are still many doors always waiting to be opened, and HIMSS was definitely the key to many of them.