SciNote and BioSistemika partnership blog

SciNote and BioSistemika partnership

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In this blog post, we will tell you a bit more about the laboratory digitalization expertise that BioSistemika and SciNote are offering in their joint partnership.

BioSistemika is a software development and digitalization consulting company that helps organizations with laboratories to digitalize their processes or plan a digital transformation strategy. BioSistemika’s vision is to digitally transform laboratories in a way so that data integrity becomes a commodity for every laboratory.

Together, BioSistemika and SciNote are able to provide a wholesome solution that helps laboratories to plan digitalization projects and implement solutions that fit their needs. Additionally, both companies offer services that address user-resistance towards digital technologies which increases the success of digitalization projects.

SciNote and Biositemika evolution process

Figure 1: A timeline of a typical digitalization consulting project for smaller organizations. In a Fit/gap analysis stage BioSistemika’s experts will recommend solutions (ELN, LIMS, LIS, EBR, etc) that address customer requirements. If ELN is one of the solutions, BioSistemika’s experts will evaluate whether SciNote ELN meets the customer’s requirements. If yes, BioSistemika will recommend a 2-week trial period where the customer is able to test SciNote ELN. Depending on the organization size or a number of laboratories, the timeline may vary.

BioSistemika and SciNote join forces with the aim to help organizations increase efficiency and productivity, work towards data integrity, and embrace the digital culture.

BioSistemika’s services include:

evolution of partnership

Figure 2: High-level deliverables of a digitalization consulting project led by BioSistemika.

BioSistemika’s digitalization consulting and software development services complement SciNote ELN and bring value to the organizations that are looking to set up digitalization strategy, integrate instruments, or develop custom laboratory software.