Data Protection White Paper (PDF download)

In this white paper, you will find information about:

  1. Infrastructure security - How we host and protect your data.
  2. Application security - How we develop the software to meet your data protection needs.
  3. Product features - What features are available for you to control how data is accessed, to ensure data traceability, and to meet compliance requirements.
  4. Operational security - How we address quality nonconformities with correction and preventive actions.
  5. Organizational and corporate security - What protocols and standards our team members adhere to.
  6. FedRAMP, certification and compliance - Which certification and compliance requirements are met by SciNote.
“I love SciNote, it’s very intuitive. For every problem I have, it has a solution.“ Nubia Carabelas
Florida Department of Health, USA
SciNote G2 rating: Leader Winter 2024
SciNote G2 rating: Fastest Implementable Winter 2024
SciNote G2 rating: Momentum Leader Winter 2024

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