Aligning experimental data of more than one laboratory

Alexandra Löwe

Lab Automation

Division Molecular Biotechnology and Functional Genomics of The Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau, Germany

“It is a huge time saver when there are repetitive experiments or tasks to do.”


Please describe shortly your research work and what was the purpose of the study.

I focus on cyanobacterias to modify their toxic secondary metabolite, and use it as a drug for antibody-drug-conjugates for anti-cancer-treatments.

How did you use SciNote in the study? 

I had to do my experiments in two different labs. One was located in Wildau, the other one in Berlin, Germany. To make sure I could get the necessary data from both lab notebooks, and to support the lab digitalisation initiative, I used SciNote. I implemented the protocols, created the experiments, filled them with subtasks and used it all during my work. I also copied my results to SciNote. In addition, I used the possibility to plan my tasks to simplify my daily planning. For my individual project I didn’t use any option to share my results or to communicate with others (these options are available in SciNote for those who need to share data with team members).

In your opinion, what is the benefit of organizing data in an electronic lab notebook, and what would be your advice to other labs?

In my opinion it is a huge time saver when there are repetitive experiments or tasks. The possibility to assign tasks, add dates or assign team members is very useful for working groups as well. I saved a lot of time by simply copy/pasting my excel-based results instead of writing them down in a paper based lab notebook. In addition, the function to track inventories of the used chemicals or substances is good, especially for new people in the lab because the location can be added as well, so they know where they can find them.

My advice would be to determine a person who is responsible for e.g. updating the inventory or implementing new protocols so that everybody does not necessarily need to know how it works. Especially people in the life sciences sector who don’t seem to be too interested in informatics. Keeping the protocols and inventories updated makes the use of an ELN very simple and can save a lot of time. Also the data is available for everybody who is included in the project and not only for those who have the paper based notebook. During the holiday seasons, an ELN can be useful because the handover of the project information takes the minimum effort, if every step is in the ELN.

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