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The research & discovery part of your work is exciting, right?

How about the moment when you need to sit down and start writing a manuscript from scratch?

72 hours

That’s how much of your time on average goes into writing a manuscript.

Writing from scratch

Is the most difficult part of writing. Making sense of all your data and transforming it into a manuscript you are actually proud of.

Data, data … data

Is definitely a rough patch before you even start writing a draft of your manuscript.

Using the Manuscript Writer

When upgrading to a SciNote premium plan, Manuscript Writer add-on will automatically be activated for you. Once your data is organized in SciNote by projects, experiments and tasks, Manuscript Writer will be able to give you a head start for your writing: a draft of your manuscript!

What will you get?

Manuscript Writer will give you a draft of: the introduction, materials & methods, results and references of your manuscript.

Making sure the final manuscript is always edited by the scientist and all references are properly annotated

Manuscript Writer will pull information from selected references, and based on the relevant keywords it will look for additional relevant open access references and include them in the draft as well. The scientists will get an introduction in which every sentence or paragraph comes with a citation and all references are added to the list of references (another part of the manuscript generated by Manuscript Writer). Every source of text is therefore properly annotated.

After every paragraph that is included in the introduction, the scientist sees the number of the reference and a percentage (e.g. 100%) which shows the scientist that a particular paragraph is cited from the specified reference and is 100% the same text. This information cannot be overlooked, because it is part of the text and additionally notifies the scientist that she/he should edit it…It is then their responsibility to edit and proofread the text. As it would be in every other case when writing manuscripts. Therefore, whether the text stays the same or not is the responsibility of a scientist and Manuscript Writer cannot take over their own responsibility of not editing the text.

We also notify the scientist to edit the received text at the point when they receive the draft. The main benefit is that Manuscript Writer can include interesting paragraphs, related to the subject at hand, to the introduction and give the scientist a head start while writing.

Manuscript Writer’s purpose is not to write the finalized text instead of the scientist, its purpose is to empower the scientist. Which is why it cannot write the discussion section, which is the most creative and original part of the scientific article and greatly depends on the scientist’s style and way of thinking. Every scientist adds their own expertise and knowledge to the entire text.

Manuscript writer

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