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Reasons that drive the global digitalization initiative:

Making the data easy to find, traceable and reproducible

Transforming the lab capabilities to store the data, move it, share it, analyze it, and know where to find it instantly, are the main drivers of labs’ success.

The initiative is driven by people

Digital data management skills are and will be crucial. You don’t have to wait for the entirety of the organization to be ready, identify a good A-team, and start. It will take off from there.

Raising expertise in laboratories

A digital mindset is bringing value to many laboratories who are paving the way forward today. Raising the expertise to meet the new normal is of crucial importance.

Utilizing the value of data

Data has to be managed efficiently, it has to be standardized, findable, and usable so you can draw value from it now and in the future.

Co-existence of paper and digital data (when there is no other way)

A symbiotic approach towards understanding the cohesion between paper and electronic lab notebooks is explained in this blog post.

Transition from paper to SciNote

Transition from another ELN to SciNote

Transitioning from one ELN to another includes strategic decisions on project management during the switch, data access as well as data migration. Understanding the options available can help you make an educated choice for your organization.

Transition Options

Defining your lab’s requirements

It starts by looking at your current process and clarifying what needs to be done.

Set your lab’s goals. How will the use of particular tools improve specific parts of your processes to reach your goals within the given time frames? Keeping the razor-sharp focus and determination is the most potent driver of digitalization.

Leverage the value of data by analyzing the data flow. Tracking and analyzing the data flow in your lab to leverage the value of data you are collecting is important at the start. Where is the data generated, recorded, shared, stored, sent, confirmed, reviewed, etc.? Map the flow.

Understand your need for technology. Are you trying to just use technology as a convenience to support the system you already have or are you ready to think about using better technology to change and improve the system?

Clarify your goals and current processes. Once you clarify your data flow and your main goals and KPIs, you will be able to go all the way back through the processes in your lab and see which need to be digitalized. That is when you will get the real incentive to do it.

Lab digitization process
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Managing the change and user adoption challenge

Introducing digital solutions is quite a challenge for the team. You can expect some level of resistance as it is not an easy task to rethink and redefine how a laboratory or organization has been operating for many years.

The time to go digital is now. Labs often wonder whether “now” is a good time to make changes, especially if things are stable. Though understandable, such a way of thinking will leave your laboratory in the status quo. The businesses that distinguish themselves know that taking calculated jumps is necessary to improve their operations and better serve their employees and customers.

Encouraging communication and feedback. A digitalization strategy that is appropriately communicated to all employees and a considerate leadership that addresses their concerns becomes very valuable.

All solutions work, but the execution is crucial. SciNote’s implementation specialists can help your lab take an agile approach, define the value for your team, start small, and scale up efficiently and successfully.

Organizing your work in SciNote

Our key account managers and implementation specialists are here for you to help you understand the structure of data in SciNote, and how to optimize it for your lab’s needs.

Q&A session?

You can also schedule a Q&A session with a key account manager to discuss the best option for your lab.

Enjoying your onboarding experience

Getting guidance from scientific specialists at SciNote.

Our implementation specialists have different scientific backgrounds. They are your fellow scientists; whose knowledge and experience allows them to understand your lab’s needs.

We offer a range of top-rated services: from SciNote Courses to email support – and for labs who choose Basic, Advanced or Professional Plan – a fully personalized onboarding.

Planning for the future

Execution and partnership with the vendor. Besides the functionalities of the ELN software, make sure you like the collaboration with the team behind it. Address their way of work, responsiveness, and their agility and vision. Things change fast in today’s world so you want a team that will be there for you and that can adapt quickly.

Solution that can support your lab’s growth. It is important that the ELN is flexible enough and built in the way that supports integrations, provides regular updates and is actively developing the product further.

Help your team understand the long-term value. One thing that helps is to set the continuous improvement of the way you do science as a value of your lab. If people see that this is what makes them more competitive or that it makes their work easier, they will see the adoption of new ELN as a challenge rather than a problem. Make sure you show them how new implementations helped improve your work and celebrate small victories.

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