Testimonials and Reviews of SciNote

“Every time a scientist compliments our software, we know we played our small part in the global challenge she/he is addressing.” –  Klemen Zupancic, CEO SciNote

Testimonials from industry and academia.

Testimonials from Industry


Spirovant Sciences

Spirovant is focused on changing the course of cystic fibrosis and other pulmonary diseases.

“The experience has been great! The SciNote team are wonderful when it comes to helping users get familiar with the software and following up with questions.”


Elstar Therapeutics

Elstar Therapeutics is fulfilling the promise of precision cancer immunotherapy through a powerful new approach to generating antibody-based, multi-functional therapeutics.

“Being able to track our samples in SciNote and then tag them in our experiments is very powerful when it comes to tracking our experiments.”


Babson Diagnostics

Babson Diagnostics is a medical technology company with a new vision for diagnostic blood testing.

“The organizational tools save us valuable time by reducing redundant work. For example, we use some of the same protocols across multiple experiments, and documenting this in SciNote is intuitive and efficient.”


Ingenza Ltd

Ingenza is a biotechnology company specialising in the design, development and manufacture of diverse, high-value industrial products and therapeutic-proteins.

“We believe our switch to SciNote has been a truly positive change, bringing our workflow up to speed with the digital age while massively reducing our paper waste (and paper cuts)”

“I didn’t think that a real person would reply and give screenshots of how to fix what I was asking for. Thank you!”

Rhea Boquiren, Convergent Genomics, USA

Mass spectrometry

Mass Spectrometry Laboratory

Laboratory of Mass Spectrometry, IBB PAS operates since 2000. Laboratory provides proteomic service for numerous collaborating laboratories in the area of biomedical sciences.

It’s much faster than looking for info in lab notebooks and looking for files on a computer.”


DALEX Biotech

DALEX Biotech is a spin-off of the Bonn-Rhine-Sieg University of Applied Sciences by Alexandra Ehl, David Frommholz and Prof. Harald Illges.

“With SciNote the documentation is faster and therefore not as »dreadful«. Furthermore the time saved by documentation gives you more time in the lab.”


MicroMatrices Ltd

MicroMatrices unlock the molecular and phenotypic information contained within tissue samples by integrating molecular visualization/localization technologies with complementary ‘omics technologies.

“The main benefit of SciNote that I have experience is the documenting of studies and methods and also the associated results to each individual experiment within an individual experiment.”


Navinci Diagnostics

Navinci Diagnostics is a Swedish biotechnology company that is dedicated to pursuing innovative ways for in situ protein analysis.

“Easy to use, great for teamwork while working on different projects at the same time, the perfect way to share the projects and tasks with team members, excellent for traceability of data and results.”

“I love SciNote, it’s very intuitive. For every problem I have, it has a solution.”

Nubia Carabelas, Florida Department of Health, USA

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Testimonials from Academia

SciNote academia customers

Working in more than one lab

I had to do my experiments in two different labs. One was located in Wildau, the other one in Berlin.

“In my opinion it is a huge time saver when there are repetitive experiments or tasks. The possibility to assign tasks, add dates or assign team members is very useful for working groups as well. ”


Rhodes University Biotechnology Innovation Centre

Established in 2014, the Rhodes University Biotechnology Innovation Centre is the brand new academic home of the discipline of Biotechnology, providing a trans-disciplinary research and learning environment in the field.

“The benefits of SciNote include a clean interface, a user-friendly experience and the ability to integrate data from other platforms.”

TH Wildau

Technische Hochschule Wildau

Since 2001, TH Wildau has been among the strongest research universities in Germany.

“Digitalization has definitely been incorporated into our laboratories. My colleagues and I will be saying goodbye for good to our paper lab notebooks.”


Department of Chemistry, University of Helsinki Finland

The Department of Chemistry is the leading hub of chemistry teaching and research in Finland.

“I recommend that SciNote is worth trying out, if you search a tool for inquiry-based chemistry education in a collaborative setting. It helps processing data together.”

“In my opinion it is a huge time saver when there are repetitive experiments or tasks. I also think the possibility to assign tasks to dates or persons is very useful for working groups.”

Alexandra Löwe, Division Molecular Biotechnology and Functional Genomics of The Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau, Germany

Fadok Lab

The Fadok Lab

The goal of the laboratory is to apply a comprehensive and cutting edge approach to understanding the neurobiological underpinnings of mental illness.

“It saves us time and resources and by reinforcing rigor and reproducibility in our research, I can be certain that we are compliant with the requirements of modern science.”

SciNote Avatar

School of Life Sciences FHNW

We are using a high-tech 3D printer to print biological substances in order to investigate living samples.

“Designing the experiments and even setting due dates including the direct communication via this platform can be very useful if the whole team is collaborating.”

““I have found SciNote to be my top choice among the ELNs. SciNote has set a new standard for the future of data management.”

Alexander Sougiannis, University of South Carolina School of Medicine, USA

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